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Turtle Charm Adjustable Bracelet

Turtle Charm Adjustable Bracelet

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Make a Wish Turtle Charm black Bracelet

The bracelet is made with a 1mm wax cord and is adjust able which allows for use with small and large wrists.

In many cultures, turtles are seen as symbols of protection and stability. Turtles can carry their homes on their backs and are known for being able to survive in tough conditions. This could be why they often symbolize strength, perseverance, and longevity.

Native American tribes have revered the turtle for thousands of years. It was seen as a messenger from the spirit world, and its shell was often used in ceremonies and rituals. In China, the turtle symbolizes wisdom, long life, and fertility. The Japanese view the turtle as a cautionary symbol that reminds them to slow down and think before they act.

In many cultures, the turtle also has connections to water and rain. It's said that when turtles dive into the depths of the ocean, they bring rain with them. This could be why they often symbolize rebirth and renewal as well.

Today, turtles are still seen as symbols of luck, healing, and protection. When worn as a pendant or tattoo, it is said to protect its bearer from danger and provide strength in difficult times.


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