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Love and Light Bracelet

Love and Light Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet is made from natural Aventurine and Netstone Jasper, all crystals that are known to assist with feelings of love, healing and strength. The bracelets are made from 1mm thick, waxed cotton cord. The bracelet is adjustable with a sliding knot and will fit any wrist, big or small. The stones are approximately 8 mm in size.

Aventurine and Netstone have been used in love and light rituals for centuries by many cultures, from around the world. The combination of these two stones is said to bring harmony and balance to relationships, as well as providing spiritual protection.

Aventurine is a type of quartz often called “the luckiest of all crystals” because it is believed to bring good luck and fortune. It is also associated with success, abundance, and prosperity. Its sparkly appearance can help attract positive energies into your life. Aventurine is a heart chakra stone so it helps to open up the heart to love, kindness and compassion - perfect for any ritual involving love or light!

Netstone (also known as Serpentine), is a stone of protection that helps to keep out negative energies and protect against psychic attack. It also helps to cleanse the emotional body, so it can be useful for those wanting to forgive or remove past blockages in order to move forward with love. Netstone amplifies the energy of other stones, and when combined with aventurine it can bring an extra layer of love and light.


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